Making Financial Education Accessible and Engaging

Connect your audience with the financial wellness tools they need to achieve long-term stability and success.


PEOPLE might be working at home, but given the uncertainty of the times, they’re still bringing their financial insecurities to work. KOFE can help. Our staff is here for you and for them. 

KOFE is an industry leader in providing two key education resources that have proven crucial during the COVID-19 shutdown. First, we offer more video training content than anyone else, which makes financial education easy to understand and put into practice.

Second, we offer the industry’s best phone counseling, provided by certified credit counselors who can give CONSUMERS personal attention for the duration of this shutdown. 

While PEOPLE focus on their physical health, KOFE can focus on their financial HEALTH – which lets you focus on the health of your business.

What is KOFE?

KOFE is an online financial wellness benefits platform that is designed to connect users with the tools they need to be financially successful. We use a three-pronged approach to financial education.

KOFE provides financial education resources that users can access to learn at their own pace. Resources include videos, ebooks, infographics, podcasts, and interactive courses that accommodate all learning styles.

KOFE’s certified credit coaches provide monthly webinars that cover a variety of fundamental and trending personal finance topics. We can also customize webinars and seminars based on your users’ needs.

KOFE allows users to connect one-on-one with certified credit coaches and HUD-certified housing counselors. These coaches and counselors help an individual define and achieve key goals, from improving their credit to buying a home.

KOFE makes it easy to engage your employees, members, or customers with the resources that the platform provides. We offer ready-to-use marketing materials, including fliers, email blasts, and newsletter content. KOFE also provides social messaging for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Our creative team can also help you customize, increasing reach and engagement, without diverting in-house resources to market the platform.

Build a Financial Education Partnership

KOFE offers white-label and co-branded platforms to connect with users in a way that fits your needs. We help our partners customize educational programs for their unique audiences.

We partner with employers and benefits providers looking to help employees improve their financial lives and to increase productivity. We work with banks and credit unions to help members and customers learn to use the products they offer the right way.