KOFE: The one place where financial coaching and educational programs meet.

People can’t waste time searching for multiple resources that will help them improve their financial well-being. They need one source they can quickly access. And one source they can trust.

Welcome to KOFE. We provide personal interaction with qualified financial coaches and educational programs that inform and inspire. Learn budgeting skills, how to read a credit report, identity theft prevention and more.

Financial coaching and education increase knowledge

We solve the financial problems that haunt people every day, and prevent them from concentrating on their jobs, saving for retirement or qualifying for a loan. Every person is different, but chances are at least one financial issue is troubling them.

Together we can put that to an end. Join KOFE and you’ll benefit from:

Financial Coaching

KOFE only hires qualified financial coaches who are available full-time. They evaluate a person’s financial situation either on the phone or online. Once they fully understand the individual’s dilemma, they offer advice and specific tools geared toward solving their problems. KOFE’s financial coaches provide stability and comfort by adapting solutions that fits each person’s unique need. They’re only a phone call away.

Financial Education

Recent studies and surveys reveal how poorly educated most Americans are regarding financial issues. That all changes with KOFE. People who use our professional services and programs finally receive the appropriate education and guidance that allows them to solve their financial problems. They also avoid making the same mistakes in the future. Another advantage KOFE offers is personal communication with our financial coaches, who can speak with them about budgeting, reading credit reports, lowering debt and more.

Financial Tools

KOFE’s financial tools boost a person’s learning proficiency by offering choices that fit their personal needs. They can select online or offline tools and learn from anywhere they can find a quiet moment to study. We offer a financial publication series that includes a library of 45 publications. We also provide over 100 financial educational videos, interactive courses, seminars/webinars and our valuable financial coaching. We make learning about finances easy.

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